My sincere gratitude to the veterinarians and staff at the Amherst Small Animal Hospital, especially Amanda Lowery, for their assistance in helping me select an appropriate breed puppy. Amanda discussed all the necessary information with me: temperament, size, grooming needs, exercise requirements, etc.
Once a particular breed was suggested, I was given web sites, books to read, owners of the breed to talk to and breeders to contact.
Everyone at ASAH was willing and happy to answer each and every question and concern. I was never made to feel like I was a bother with my sometimes trivial inquiries.

Kelsey Sits Pretty

Kelsey doing her "sit pretty" trick

My new puppy has met or exceeded all my expectations. She is exactly as Amanda told me she would be! She is a joy!
The staff at ASAH continues to be there for me, guiding me in puppy care, even suggesting a “puppy” class that has proven to be worthwhile and beneficial.
From the loss of my beloved pet to the acquisition of my new puppy, all at ASAH have been an invaluable source for all my “dog” needs.
Thanks to everyone who helped me in so many ways.

Esther Filbert
and Family