The Amherst Small Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services to our clients.

  • PREVENTIVE CARE: Preventive care is the most efficient way to manage your pet’s health. Examinations, Consultations, and Vaccinations are provided on an appointment basis. This allows us to provide the attention necessary to each of our patients. It is difficult for us to accommodate late arrivals without penalizing our other patients. Please call the office to reschedule if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for your appointment
  • WELLNESS PROGRAMS: Routine testing can detect the early stages of many diseases before the family realizes that there might be a problem. There are so many diseases that have great opportunity for long term management if detected and treated early in their development.
  • DENTAL PROCEDURES: Dental disease is a major cause of poor health in the pet population today. Starting home care early is our best, and least expensive way to avoid problems. When needed, our staff provides the cleaning and surgical procedures most commonly needed to manage dental disease. Uncontrolled dental disease is not only a source of pain for our pets, it can be responsible for internal disease that can significantly shorten their life span.


  • ANESTHETIC SERVICES: This is an area where nothing but the best will do. Risk cannot be totally avoided but can be effectively controlled. We utilize the safest general anesthetics available for animals today, and tailor each anesthetic event to the individual patient’s needs. All of our patients benefit from this safety factor. There are cheaper anesthetics available but we are not willing to sacrifice the safety of any of our patients. Anesthesia is a special interest of the Hospital Director, Dr. Stein. We will continually improve our anesthetic protocol as new developments arise.
  • SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Surgery is an integral part of animal health care. We feel that surgery is another strong suit at our practice. Dr. Stein’s commitment to quality surgery lead him to the University of Minnesota after his senior year in Veterinary Med. School. He was selected to fill their Surgical Internship, the only one of its’ kind, at that time, in the country. He honed his surgical and internal medicine skills under the watchful eye of nationally renowned specialists.
  • RADIOLOGY SERVICES: Our facility provides quality X-Ray Imaging on-site for the convenience and safety of our patients. We also have dedicated state-of-the-art Dental Radiology units.
  • BEHAVIORAL COUNSELING: We provide behavioral counseling to help you with everything from basic puppy and kitten issues to more serious behavior problems. We have an array of medications and behavior modification methods available to us to help you help your pet. We also maintain information regarding obedience classes and behavioral counseling available in the area.
  • SENIOR PATIENTS: we can help your pet “age gracefully” with proactive care. We can help you learn how to keep your older pet comfortable and happy, and stay healthy for many years to come!
  • EMERGENCY CARE: Although we offer extensive office hours, there are times when an emergency arises and we are not directly available. Just as with your medical care, a trip to the ER may become necessary. The greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic is located at Kensington and Main Street. This facility is fully staffed by a dedicated staff of quality professionals. If we cannot be available at our hospital, the Veterinary ER will be open. You are never left without available care. Their phone number is 839-4043.
  • BOARDING: The limited size of our facility makes it difficult to offer boarding. We feel it is in your pet’s best interest to consider using one of the areas fine dedicated boarding kennels. We can provide you with a list of local boarding kennels.
  • GROOMING: As with boarding, our space constraints make full service grooming difficult. We do, however, provide therapeutic bathing for animals with special bathing needs. Our Hydrosurge unit is ideal for our dermatologically challenged pets.
  • DAY PATIENTS: Any client who finds it difficult to administer their pet’s needed treatment can utilize our drop off Day Patient Service. Our Licensed Technicians will supervise their treatment. We also offer drop off convenience for pets that need vaccinations or treatment for health problems. PLEASE ALLOW 20 MINUTES AT DROP OFF to complete the important information forms needed for this type of service.
  • MICROCHIP IDENTIFICATION: There is no greater tragedy than to lose a loved pet. Many pets are brought to an animal shelter but lack identification. Collars can be easily lost. Microchip identification is safe, simple, and permanent. The National Registry allows any animal shelter or veterinary hospital to contact you even if the pet is lost out of state.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: We try to give back to our community in many ways. We donate hospital funds to allow us to offer our state-of-the-art anesthetic and surgical protocols for spay/neuter at extremely reasonable prices. Dr. Stein is frequently invited into area schoolrooms to discuss animal related issues. We are available to help advise students when their school conducts Career Day Programs and we also conduct a student intern program where area students are allowed to “shadow” our staff.
  • HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS: Adult volunteers, who love animals, help us to perform our mission. Clients may participate as observers for the day.
  • THE ANIMAL ASSISTANCE FUND: Each year our practice donates thousands of dollars to help manage medical and surgical care for pet owners in need of assistance. Client donations to this fund are always welcome to help aid in this effort.
  • KITTEN ADOPTION PROGRAM: The number of unwanted cats and kittens destroyed every year is staggering. Our feline friends are wonderful additions to the family. They are remarkably easy to maintain. Our adoption program helps find homes for many of these kittens.