6/4/20: See here for good information:

5/21/20: We are back to more or less normal hours and seeing routine appointments (Wednesdays til 7 PM). No clients in the building still, see the home page for details.

3/23/20: Our plan for this week is to have staff from 7:30-4. If you need to pick up medications or food, please call the clinic to make arrangements. We are having NO DIRECT CLIENT CONTACT for our safety AND yours, so you will need to pay over the phone by credit card when you arrive (call from the parking lot) and we will leave your purchases in a box by our back door. Remember we are available by email at and via our telemedicine app TeleTails (code AMHERST) at Stay safe ASAH family!

**** 3/22/20: ALERT ****

During the current COVID-19 pandemic we are forced by the NYS PAUSE
Executive Order to restrict our services to urgent/emergency visits and
medication dispensing:

You can stay in touch with us via telemedicine, so PLEASE download the free TeleTails app using our code AMHERST:

Teletails can be used on smartphones, tablets, and most laptops.

Now more than ever, telemedicine will serve a crucial role as we do our
best to minimize the risks of COVID-19 to our clients and our staff
while we do our best to preserve the health of our patients.

ALL contact with the clinic if at ALL possible should be through TeleTails or email to with a header containing your pet’s name and your last name along with a brief description of what is needed, like “FLUFFY JONES MEDICATION REFILL” or “BOWSER SMITH EAR INFECTION”. Please note that if you MUST use the phone, you may be required to leave a voicemail and we cannot guarantee a timely response.

Please help us help you!

Our hours will be changing on an ongoing basis, so please watch our Facebook page (and here) for updates.

If we DO have you bring your pet to the hospital, please follow the below safety rules:


3/17/20: In an effort to ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff, while we ARE open, we are currently NOT allowing clients into the hospital. Please CALL FROM YOUR CAR and we will come out to you. We also ask that you please avoid visiting our hospital if you are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms, including a fever and a cough, or if you or someone you have been in contact with have traveled to an affected area within the last 14 days.

For more information, please read the CDC’s website.

Dr Stein is quoted by one of the top veterinary anesthesiologists in the world. : “This is a remarkable website that receives 20,000 visitors monthly. By featuring it here, I hope that number goes up, as it well worth a look and a “bookmark!” It was created by Dr. Bob Stein, a practitioner in Snyder, New York, with a passion for anesthesia and pain management. Dr. Stein has undergone extensive training in anesthesia, pain management, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. It is frequently updated – for example, there is a section on how to cope with the opioid shortage and there are video clips on certain techniques; for example how to deal with a fractious cat and how to perform a cat neuter under sedation and a local block.
One of the many “little gems” on this website is the section on drug infusions…. If I could give a kudos award for making my life easier when it comes to setting up infusions, it would go to Dr. Bob Stein!”