Amanda, Office Manager

Amanda has been a receptionist and Pet Health Counselor at Amherst Small Animal Hospital since 2007 (she became our office manager in 2012), and worked in the veterinary field for many years in Canada. She has a diverse background in photography, nursing and internet technology, and has enjoyed pets her whole life, from dogs and cats to horses, rats, gerbils, and hamsters.

She teaches dog agility classes and is away most weekends competing at agility trials with her Swedish Vallhund dogs (her dog Nina, is nationally ranked in the top five for her breed in American Kennel Club agility). She also shows and breeds Swedish Vallhunds, and is a former vice president and director of the Swedish Vallhund Club of America. Amanda has a strong interest in dog behavior and dog training, as well as companion animal nutrition and ethical dog breeding. She has written and been interviewed for various dog publications including Dog Fancy and Dogs in Review, and she writes the quarterly Swedish Vallhund breed column for the American Kennel Club Gazette.

Amanda is an invaluable member of our team because of her extensive experience in the dog world and is the webmaster of our hospital website.

When she is not doing agility with her dogs, Amanda and her husband Jim enjoy movies, books, and long walks.